Thermano is more than an alternative to wool and polystyrene

Building and roof insulation made of panels with a modified polyurethane (PIR) core is an insulation system that has been used in the West for many years. In Poland, it is still a new material, but contractors, architects and investors are gradually becoming convinced of it, guided by practical benefits, which include, among others:

  • savings - Thermano boards are one of the best thermal insulation materials (aging lambda = 0.023 W / mk)
  • ecology and standards - Thermano already meets the energy requirements that will apply in 2021!
  • simple and quick installation - installation of materials does not require a lot of work and specialized equipment

The main advantage of Thermano polyurethane panels, however, is primarily their insulating properties. The A ++ thermal insulation class puts PIR panels at the forefront of materials with the best energy efficiency parameters. In this field, Thermano is unmatched among traditional insulation materials, such as: mineral wool or polystyrene. Despite the slightly higher one-off costs, the purchase of PIR core panels pays off after a few years, and it should be remembered that polyurethane insulation will serve us for many generations.


  • Pitched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Three-layer walls
  • Floors
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Green roofs


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